Thank You For Choosing Diabetes and Obesity Care!

We are looking forward to your upcoming appointment! Listed below are several forms and resources to help you prepare before you come in. Reviewing these resources now will allow you to spend more time with your provider to discuss your ongoing healthcare needs.

Our Records Release Authorization:
Attached below is our records release authorization. Please fill out this form and turn it in to your previous healthcare provider so that we can access your health records. You are entitled to your health documents and will not be charged for transferring your health history between different healthcare providers. Click the link below to download and print:

What to bring to your appointment:
For all patients, please bring your driver’s license, insurance card(s), and a copy of your medication list. Copays are collected at the time of your appointment for in-person visits, please bring a valid form of payment. Copays for telehealth visits are collected over the phone before your visit.

Diabetic Patients:
Please bring your blood-sugar meter, CGM receiver, and/or insulin pump. Additionally please create an account on the patient portal of relevant diabetic devices. Linked below are resources with instructions for creating relevant accounts. Without these accounts or without knowledge of applicable usernames/passwords, the amount of time you will have to discuss with your provider will be reduced.

Why Upload Your Data Before Your Appointment?

As providers, one of our most powerful tools is the ability to see your blood glucose data remotely. Recent innovations have allowed us to remotely monitor our patient’s blood sugar from our office. By uploading your data before your appointment, you are ensuring you get to spend more time with a provider. Instead of having to wait to upload data in-house before your provider can even meet with you, you have the ability to expedite the whole process by uploading at home.

Tandem (Tslim)

Linked here is where you can create your Tandem account for your Tandem Insulin Pump. This is where you’ll be able to upload your pump data. Please create an account here.


Linked here is where you can create a Dexcom account for your Dexcom CGM. Please verify the account you’re using is the same one used for both the Dexcom and Dexcom Clarity apps. This is the Dexcom website: Dexcom


Linked here is where you can create an account and/or upload the data from your Libre devices. Here is the link to LibreView

Omnipod 5 through Glooko

Click here to create or approve access for your Glooko account

If you have any questions on setting up these accounts or how to upload your data, feel free to give us a call at 541-388-6789. Thanks!


Please sign up for / know your login credentials for all the devices which you currently use (pumps, CGMs, BG-meters). Additionally, bring in any of your diabetic devices alongside the Records Release Authorization if you’re a new patient.