Innovations in diabetes technology are constantly occurring

At Diabetes and Obesity Care we work hard to stay on the forefront of the world of diabetes technology. We strive to always be aware of the newest and most effective treatments for our patients. When you meet with one of our providers, you can be certain we will create a unique, optimal plan suited to your needs.

Listed below are several of the exciting new areas of diabetes technology which we are exploring and learning with our patients. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out how we can best accommodate your diabetic wants and needs.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

One of the most exciting new areas of diabetic technology is the recent development of continuous glucose monitors or CGMs. A CGM is a compact glucose-monitoring system capable of measuring and displaying your blood glucose value at five minute intervals 24/7. Many of these modern systems don’t require manual finger-sticks at all. Most of these systems even have the ability to report your blood glucose data to your cell phone, eliminating the need to even carry bulky finger-sticking systems with you everywhere. In addition to reporting immediate blood sugar data, these CGM systems display trend data which can help you to predict where your blood sugars will be in the near future. CGMs and their corresponding applications also have the ability to alert you when your blood sugar is either too high or too low, allowing you to confidently sleep through the night knowing your sugars are in range. By knowing this blood sugar data all the time, diabetics are given a much improved level of control over their numbers, possibly reducing A1C and leading to a greater quality of life. Notable CGM manufacturers are Dexcom, Freestyle Libre, and Medtronic. Set up an appointment today to discuss tailoring these advanced CGM solutions to your unique lifestyle!

Insulin Pumps and Closed-Loop Systems

Many Type 1 Diabetics are already familiar with insulin pumps and their associated benefits. But what many Type 1 Diabetics are not yet familiar with are the variety of ways which insulin pumps have improved in recent years. We regularly prescribe smaller, compact insulin pumps with touch screens. We regularly prescribe pumps with no tubing whatsoever. The frustrations associated with pumps of the past decades have been largely solved.

Beyond simply using a pump for its dedicated basal rate and bolusing abilities, an exciting new area of pump technology involves the introduction of closed-loop systems. Through the usage of a CGM and advanced insulin pump in concert with one another, basal rates can be algorithmically modified in real time to optimize your time in range. Blood sugar is rising quickly? These pumps can deliver insulin without any interaction on your part. Blood sugar dropping fast? These pumps can turn off your basal rate entirely, giving you more time to treat your low. Harnessing these tools can help in revolutionizing your diabetes-management and drastically improve your quality of life. This technology is automated and can be activated behind the scenes. Who would’ve though less work can actually mean better blood sugars?

Call us today to discuss how we can implement these tools in your active diabetes-management.

New and Advanced Insulin Varieties

Newer, more advanced forms of insulin are another exciting area of innovation in the world of diabetes. Our providers are experts in all of these new therapies and would love to find a new form of insulin which can better suit your needs. These new forms of insulin can more quickly lower your blood sugar and be taken even closer to mealtime.